rite aid contact colored lenses

rite aid contact colored lenses EYES lovely would be every woman's dream. Not surprisingly, many women makeup accentuate eye area so that more perfect eyes. However, over time the makeup alone is not enough, and start using contact lenses to further beautify the eyes.

"Based on our study shows the beauty standards of women assessed from her beautiful eyes and skin clear, and most women are willing to pay dearly to get it. Therefore, in order to increase her beauty, many women use colored contact lenses to add beauty," said Rian Surachman, Acuvue Brand Manager PT. Johnson & Johnson Indonesia in the launch of the 1-day Acuvue Define in Exodus, Jakarta, Thursday (05/07/2015).

Furthermore Rian explained, the use of contact lenses help create beautiful eyes and accentuate the beauty of the eye, circle pigment clear and sharp to make eyes look younger, as well as display a larger pupils and contrast. Is able to give a depth effect and a natural eye twinkle. And underscore the white area in the eye so that it looks whiter.

To understand the desire to beautify a woman's eyes, launching Acuvue 1-Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon, the new generation of contact lenses daily disposable beauty that is designed specifically for the Asian eye with color design inspired by the shape of the iris of the human eye.

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