manfaat beras merah bagi wanita hamil

manfaat beras merah bagi wanita hamil During this time , the Indonesian people only consume white rice , so they tend to not want to try another type of rice . In addition to white rice , brown rice turns some who have huge benefits for the human body . In research conducted by the Experimental Biology Annual Conference ( April 24 to 28 ) Anaheim California , As. Saying that there are two types of rice that can reduce high blood pressure and risk of heart attack are: brown rice and milled rice half . From Riet it also lead to the conclusion , that the beneficial brown rice is much better than white rice , to protect the body from disease and atherosclerosis ( pengerasaan arteries) and high blood trkanan .

One researcher named Saturo Eguchi and colleagues said that research has noted that they run something called Substance Antiontensin substance II in brown rice . This substance is able to overcome the disease of atherosclerosis and high blood pressure . Antiontensin substances contained in the layers peel off when the rice is brown rice is converted into white rice . So that the coating does not peel off , while grinding the rice should use traditional tools as used by the Japanese people .

Even brown rice has a nutritional content far better than white rice . Besides Antiontensin , brown rice contains vitamin . In the bowl of brown rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber , while the white rice only contains less than 1 gram .

Efficacy of red rice in addition to preventing pengerasaan blood vessels and high blood pressure , can also improve brain development and lower the blood cholesterol . Brown rice is very good for babies because it contains Tamin ( vitamin B1 ) , which can prevent beriberi in infants . In fact it contains iron in it too high , can help infants aged 6 months and above iron intake of breast milk is no longer sufficient to meet the body's needs .

Well , who wants to avoid the disease hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure are many -many are eating brown rice .

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